Basilio Catania's Work on Physics, Information Theory, Cosmology and Bible vs. Modern Science



My interest in these areas of research came from my engagement in the telecommunication area, which latter has always been my primary area of investigation.

My first insight into said subjects occurred between 1979 and 1981, when I gave a series of lectures titled "Man and Communication" or "Man and Compunication," this latter derived from the progressive integration of computers into telecommunication systems. It was suggested to me by the many forms of communications (visual, aural, tactile, etc.) and the increasing capability of machines to exploit the sensing, actuating and processing capabilities of human beings.

From about 1985 onward, I extended my knowledge on the above subjects by studying the early forms of communications between human beings, the structure of language and numbers, of human sensors (brain, ear, eye etc.), human actuators (muscles, neurons, synapses, etc.) and human DNA. I also refreshed my knowledge of information theory, with particular regard to the nature of information.

The pace towards the origins of mankind and, shortly after, to the origin of the universe (Cosmology) was short. In addition, I could not avoid comparing the scientific theories of Cosmology with the teachings of the Bible (Genesis). Thus, I gave a series of lectures at the Angelicum as well as at the Studium Christi in Rome, with various titles, such as "Cosmology, Genesis and Information Science" or "Genesis and Apocalypse: the trip of information along space-time," and later, in various occasions and places, "The many facets of information." I think the best paper I wrote was "From Chaos to Order" (in Italian) on L'Elettrotecnica, the review of the Italian Electrical Association.

The considerable acceptance of my lectures and papers led me to further deepen my knowledge on said subjects and I undertook the difficult task of studying the implications of Quantum Physics and Relativity on Information. I think that my endeavor was awarded by what I consider a fundamental discovery: the relationship of (Hamiltonian) action (A) with information (I), synthetically expressed by the formula:

A = I

where the proportionality constant is given by the Planck's constant h divided by 2p.

I first presented my findings at the Italian Electrical Association in Milan, on 3 December 1987. Later on, up to about 1990, I had the honor of presenting increasingly refined results at the most prestigious Institutes of Theoretical Physics, in Trieste (Nobel Prize Abdus Salam), Warsaw (Prof. Adam Smolinski), Stockholm (Prof. Nils Åslund), Catania (Prof. Attilio Agodi), Turin (Prof. Tullio Regge), Universities and Research Institutes (Eindhoven, Saint Petersburg (ex Leningrad), Trento, Rome, Milan, Novara, Florence, Naples, L'Aquila), as well as the International Society for the Study of Time in East Glacier, Montana. I also published two papers in English, which are reproduced in separate pages of my web site:

Action unit as a primary unit in SI (Turin, 1988)

The Physics of the Boolean Observer (Lisbon, P, 1989)

Before abandoning these areas of research and diving into my most recent investigation on Antonio Meucci, I published a couple of papers on the subject "From Electronics to Photonics and from Photonics to Bionics," dealing with the use of biological devices in the fields of computers and telecommunications.

The following is a chronological list of my articles and lectures relating to the above subjects.






If you are interested in knowing how and when my research started see my Curriculum


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